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March 15, 2011

We been MIA

We have had a lot of things happening in 2011.
Colby's little brother on the way is Extra special. We found out he has down syndrome , cystic hygroma, and a large hole in his heart.
Here is his story
Baby Mason

We have been trying to keep life as normal as possible for Colby. I been trying to enjoy the time I have with him before Mason comes. We do crafts almost daily! I have been trying to limit TV time and do more crafty things!

Painting is a favorite!.

January 25, 2011

December 29, 2010

The boys get their pictures taken....FINALLY

My sister in law and my self FINALLY got our boys together to get pictures done together! Gma & GGma have been wanting these done since before the boys were born. Gma has purchases SEVERAL coordinating outfits for pictures...then pics were never taken. So we finally decided to get them done! I was prepared for 2 situations...#1 : One or both of the boys freak out and pics are ruined....or #2 : One or both boys dont wanna sit still. I can safely say that neither I nor my SIL were expecting them to turn out too well.
Well boy were we surprised! The boys did great! They smiled and sat still and just looked so darn cute! In the end we got our pics and left with smiles still on our faces and no tear stained cheeks.

Here are some favs !

December 27, 2010

Christmas Fun 2010

Colby in front of Christmas tree

We started out at my parents house on Christmas eve. We sll grabbed something to eat and then we all settled into the living room for the traditional reading of the actual CHRISTmas story out of the Bible. Papa sat in the rocking chair with Addy (almost 4yrs) and Hunter (almost 3yrs) while Colby cuddled with mommy's big belly. Dad started reading and about half way through...Addy blurts out " Is this where they get their present now?" and then then both kids shouted " PRESENTS!!!!" (since the present were sitting there in a GIANT pile in front of them...mocking them) ..So Papa quickly finished the story by saying " and then they all opened presents ..the end"! Then the flurry of wrapping paper, bight colored toys, and shrieks of joy filled the air...and it couldn't have been better! We all filled our sleighs...i mean cars... with 2/3 of toys r us and lots of gifts for Mr.B and I ( I secretly love that my parents still get us tons of stuff....its the kid in me).

Christmas morning started at Corys parents house. We all had brunch (homemade cinnamon rolls made by Great Gma, biscuits and gravy, 2 different breakfast casseroles, and little crescent wrapped smokies.) adn all was delish! Then it was off to the living room for PRESENT TIME! The adults drew names at his family's Christmas and then we all bought presents for Colby & Sam (Sam is Cory's sister son, he is 3wks older than Colbs.) The tree was stuffed! The Boys really had a great time opening their gifts. Colby really got into this year....considering last year he slept through 3/4th of the present opening! The boys got lots of the same toys (this works out best..sharing doesn't go over so well sometimes) and several that were just for them and their personalities! After all the gifts were opened, I snuggled with Colby by the tree till he feel asleep in my arms. Special moment I will always remember...Sitting next to the sparkling Christmas tree with by beautiful son sleeping in my arms breathing softly, and our little Mason in my tummy rolling around with a few little kicks. Just God letting me know how Truly BLESSED we are.
Sam & Colby(right)

We finished Christmas evening with Dinner and more present at Cory grandparents house. The boys played the whole time and even got a visit from Santa! All in all...Christmas was great!

Here is a highlight of Colbys Gifts:
Puzzle of his name
Lots of Clothes
Tent & tunnel
Train & train tracks
Easel with crayons, markers, paints, play-dough, and more
Tag Jr with 3 books
Mega blocks pirate ship
Books and puzzles
Pillow Pet and giant bear
Bath boat with fountain
Jumpy house with balls
Anywhere chair
Little people farm with noises
Musical instruments
GIANT tonka trunk (I mean GIANT) from Daddy

This Kid got SPOILED!!!
Mason also got some little tiny clothes...awwww.

Hope you and Your had a Very Blessed Christmas as well

18 wks

How far along? 18wks
Weight gain: DOWN 21 lbs... but baby is healthy and fine.
Maternity clothes? yep and they are oh so comfy
Gender: ALL BOY
Movement: Yes since about 13wks and Mr.B has felt him move since 15wks.

Im getting WHAT??

REALLY???? Im getting a little brother!
Yep Colby is getting a little brother! Mason Dean will be here soon!

December 17, 2010

Boys and Cars...

I watched Sam (Colby s cousin, He is 3wks older than Colbs) They played together pretty well. I swear boys can play with cars ALL DAY!